About the Chef

Chef Daniel Labonne greets his customers with a broad and welcoming smile that can be heard over the phone. Chef Daniel, an adopted Washingtonian, has now spent 20 years serving up delicious food with flavors from around the world right in Washington, DC. He has been running restaurants and a catering service, and he has served local and international customers including diplomats and foreign dignitaries.

In recent years, he has managed and operated restaurants in the German Embassy, French Embassy and the Hay-Adams Hotel. Previously he had opened Bistro Labonne, a French bistro, Chef at Tabaq Bistro, a Mediterranean bistro, and Wazuri Restaurant, a pan-African restaurant. He has consistently earned high praise for the dishes he prepared in those establishments and 2-3 stars from the Washington Post for these down-to-earth eateries.

His upbringing in a family restaurant in Martinique, a French island in the Carribean, was followed by formal training in classic French cuisines in Ecole Hôtelière de Toulouse, France. Once he graduated, he left for the Carribean to work in exclusive resorts and as a Chef to the stars. He even managed to learn sushi technique from a Japanese Sushi Master. Chef Daniel's exposure to these eclectic locales and recipes translates into a versatile approach to preparing each restaurant or event's menu with pleasant surprises of uniting global flavors.